The Voice of The Board

The responsibilities of a board member require us to extend ourselves beyond our participation at official meetings of the Board. We believe that anyone who assumes a seat on the Board of Education does so with a firm commitment to the interests of the school and community. As a unified team we shall make a concerted effort to promote the ultimate advantages for the advancement of education for our children. We believe in providing quality procedures from which the potential of every student attending our school will be appropriately tapped. We ask that you work with us in the task of educating our children. Students achieve at a high level when they are encouraged at home.

Support for Families from the New Jersey Department of Education

As parents or guardians, you want nothing more than an excellent education for your children. At the NJ Department of Education, we want nothing more than to help you achieve this! We have created a family-focused web site at with resources to help you support your child’s education, and navigate your school system. We have also opened a “Help Desk” which can be reached through the parent menu option of our toll-free number: 877-900- 6960. Let’s work together for the good of our children. Please sign up for our mailing list on our web site at or join our mailing list here. We look forward to helping you help your children.

Board Members