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Community Meeting about Referendum, Come get the FACTS!

Eagleswood Referendum

On March 8, 2016, Eagleswood Elementary will ask the voters of Eagleswood Township to consider a referendum to help offset costs for upgrades and repairs desperately needed in our school!

After an extensive review process of our referendum that failed this past September, it was determined to ask the voters to reconsider their decision regarding the referendum. We do not take this decision lightly. Our building is in urgent need of repair and replacement of equipment due to the school's aging infrastructure. To that point, we have put together a series of communications to help educate both parents and community members. Attached you will find an itemized breakdown of the referendums along with a detailed listing of some of the more common frequently asked questions.

We also encourage everyone to take a little time to visit our Facebook page where we will frequently discuss in greater depth all the critical components in this very important referendum. We thank you for your time!

Click here for Eagleswood Elementary Referendum Packet

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